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5 Top of the Shelf Irish Single Malt Whiskey as a collectable at your home.

Whiskey aficionados all over the world eager to learn more about the whiskey, there are occasions and reasons to enjoy your favorite dram. Whether it be, whisky on the go, whiskey with friends, whisky get-together, and top of the shelf whisky at home most often makes a big difference.

5 Top of the Shelf Irish Single Malt whiskey you can never ignore as a collectable at your home.

Jameson Irish Whiskey.

The first top of the Shelf blended Irish Whiskey is Jameson, the largest selling with over 10 million cases mark in 130 countries all over the world produced by Pernod Ricard. The texture and aroma are derived from its unique production from the blend of Grain and Single Pot still whiskey, as similar to the single malt whiskey (mash of malted and un-malted barley), small amount of Oats and wheat may have been used at time. the barley then is dried in a closed kiln fired by natural Gas. This is in contrast to the traditional method used in some Scotch whiskey distilleries, which fire the kiln with peat, adding a distinctive peat flavour. And aged in ex- bourbon barrel. This un-malted component is said to give the pot still whiskey a “spicier bristle” and “thicker texture” than the otherwise similar malt whiskeys Whiskey aficionados wonderfully enjoy the sip of Jameson that are 94.8% ABV or 80* proof Triple distilled of the malt grain with a little ice in a low ball or high-fashioned glass. Adding a little water open up the aromas or can be take straight out of the bottle to enjoy smooth flavour.

Old Bushmills 21 years old

Old Bushmills distillery is in County Antrim, on the northern coast of Ireland. known for the Oldest distillery dates back to 16th century in 1608, got its name from the local mills that made the barley and local water source. I got a chance to taste Old Bushmills 21 years old. I found awesome taste of drier and nuttier flavors with spicy, aromatic meltiness, dark chocolate, toffee and raisin notes. It is good to go neat straight out of the bottle. The smooth and woody flavors come out of its aging for 19 years in former Oloroso sherry and bourbon — seasoned casks , oloroso sherry means scented in Spanish have very intense character very dark and uncolored whiskey, the whiskey matured in Oloroso sherry gives the whiskey a little bit of sweetness more of liqueur than whiskey. And then transferred to Madeira Cask for further maturation for 2 years gives the taste of spiciness and fruitiness. As the Madeira cask earlier used to age the Madeira wine. I have developed a liking for the silky-smooth high-quality Old Bushmills, which is indeed smoother than Scotch.

Teeling Black Pitt Peated Single Malt

Brand from the latest Irish Distillery founded in 2015 by the Teeling Whiskey Co in Dublin. Unconventional expression from the house of Teeling Distillery. Teeling Black Pitt Peated Single malt is produced by using smoke from peat to dry the barley during malting process. The resulting Peated malt infused barbeque smoky flavour profile which is the signature of Peated Single Malt. Butterscotch and orange peel, pineapple, honey added unique character on the nose. And palate lingering smoky and woody on the finish with salted caramel. ageing in both Ex-bourbon and Ex-Sauternes wine cask and bottled at 46% brings the deep unique fruit flavour as matured in Ex-Sauternes cask complementary with the Smokey & barley flavour by the Ex-bourbon cask giving the mouth feel and long lasting flavors, you have ever imagined and tasted such an awesome whiskey.

Connemara 22 Years Old Peated Single Malt Whiskey

Connemara 22 Years old with 46% ABV is the flagship brand of Cooley Distillery since 1987 comes in the canister packaging in the Green Tinted color of bottle prevents the whisky from oxidation. The expression comes with a unique flavour profile of Smoke, Vanilla, Green Apple and Honey on the Nose, Thick and somewhat creamy or buttery on the palate, Barley, Cocoa, and salty on the Finish with the lingering sensation on the finish.

18 Years Old Tullamore DEW Single Malt.

Sale of more than 15.00 lac cases globally per annually indicates the popularity and brand loyalty of the Tullamore DEW triple distilled limited edition Single malt Irish whiskey. The maturation in 4 different casks Ex-Bourbon, Ex-Oloroso Sherry Butts, Ex-port pipes and Ex-Madeira Drums gives the whisky an ultimate mixed flavour of Fruits, oaky, Malt, Caramel, Apple notes, a little spicy with cinnamon and very smooth on the finish. It is good to go neat or with some ice on the rocks. A few drops of water can be added to open the distinctive flavors. It has won many awards in a row. Silver at the World Whiskey Awards 2020/ 2019- Silver at the World Whiskey Awards 2019/ Silver at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2019/ 2018- Silver at the International Spirits Challenge/ 2017- Gold at The Spirits Business, Global Spirits Masters/ Gold at International Spirits Challenge/ Silver & Outstanding at International Wine & Spirits Competition.

Manoj Srivastava Level 1-2 in wine spirits WSET-UK Whisky & Wine Blogger with over 15 years of experience into Sales & Branding for Distilleries & Wineries, FM Radio and News Advertising.

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