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Just wondering why Japanese whisky is more popular than other whisky brands in the world?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

  1. The lush green environment in Japan, distilleries at distant locations, clean rain forest and purity in the water are the most important reason that Japanese whisky is better known for its highest standard, purity and quality. They have their own source of water to produce the whisky.

  2. In Japan, Variety of distilleries, different blends are produced every year with different variety. In Scotland, only one type of whisky is produced and that is single malt.

  3. Topography in Japan have a high elevation and low pressure which results in lower boiling point helps to preserve more flavors such as vanilla, spice, malt, nuts, and fruit to smoke, herbs, citrus, honey, etc. and smoothness in the whisky.

  4. Filtration in method of the whisky in Japan is far more different used wooden bamboo which also purifies the drink on other hand whisky filtered in Scotland through charcoal.

  5. Japanese whisky is wood-aged, sometimes in American oak, sometimes in Sherry casks, and sometimes in Japanese Mizunara oak, which imparts unique characteristics (think citrus, spice, incense)

  6. Japanese whiskey makers used malted barley peated and most often imported from Scotland, which is mashed and distilled twice in pot stills.

  7. Maturation adds flavors, smoothness and Japanese whiskey is most often matured in wine casks, sherry casks, white oak casks, Spanish oak casks, and even former bourbon barrels and to name a few.

  8. Due to the climate in Japan, maturation process is faster, which makes the whisky seems older and more refined then as usual.

  9. Japanese whisky has a higher international recognition including Yamazaki, Suntory and Nikka are the best achievers in the category of the greatest whisky in the world.

  10. As opposed to the sweeter American bourbons and ryes, Japanese whiskey tends to be drier, smokier, and peatier, and come as single malts or blends.

  11. The Guardian reports that Japanese whisky have high levels of the antioxidant and nutritional benefits. This could mean it helps protect the body against inflammation and cancers — but the evidence is limited.

  12. The best Japanese whisky brands are Hibki, expensive and premium Yamazaki 25, Nikka bringing a bit more smoky and peated, Akkeshi Sarorunkamuy matured in bourbon barrels, sherry butts, red wine cask, and Mizunara cask giving you fruity and nutty flavors with notes of vanilla and spice, it is bottled at 96 proof provides a bit of warm sensation on the palate as you sip. Iwai Tradition Wine Cask Finish blends of Malt and grain whisky matured in ex-bourbon barrels, sherry, wine and sakura cask tasting notes includes raisin, pear, honey, apricot, sweet vanilla. Akashi Single malt sherry cask matured in two different type of sherry casks- five years in Pedro Ximenez, and Oloroso casks interacting with the liquid with two different woods giving you the distinctive flavors of vanilla and apricot fruits. Suntory Toki a blend of malt and grain. Taru 12 years Tsutsumi Shochu, Hibki Japanese Harmony an expensive collectable with lovely notes of caramel and Toffee, Nikka Days, smooth and delicate the latest release with no age statement blend from Nikka, you can enjoy neat, in a highball or with some coke or pepsi, the whisky is a blend of mellow and smooth coffey grain whisky and non-peated Miyagikyo malts. Chichibu US Edition 2020 Peated limited editon with 2000 bottle release matured in bourbon, wine and Hogshead casks.

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