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Top of the shelf Limited Edition Whisky brands everyone's dreams.

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Whisky other than regular, prestige, semi-premium, and premium segment are known as Limited edition whiskey with other characteristics is a dream for everyone to taste once in a life time. you will be surprised to know that limited edition whisky is many steps ahead in its production, package & design, maturation , pricing, distribution , marketing process , taste, color and other sensory profiles.

Age Statement ultra aged particularly by decades, prices from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars matured in single or many verities of casks make it more distinctive in nature and profile.

Mostly Limited Edition Whisky have distinctive flavor profile including tropical fruits, cinnamon, vanilla, dark fig, candid cherry, black berry , spices , tobacco with oaky flavor n the palate.

Some of the limited edition releases are Glen Dronach Kingsman Edition 1989 Vintage is around 29 years aged whiskey matured in Oloroso Sherry Casks and Pedro Ximinez Casks artistically packed in a gift box signed by the master blender Dr. Rachel Barrie and Kingsman Film Director Matthew Vaughn.

Dalmore Rare & Age is well known name when it comes to limited edition release with 35, 40 and 45 years of age statement aged in the most exceptional whiskey casks.

Packaging is fantastic in crystal clear decanter with a silver stag studded on the bottle .

Dalmore 35 matured in 3 casks Bourbon, Matusalem sherry Butt, Port Colheita pipe.

Almonds, Coffee mousse, Banana and Bread on the palate.

Dalmore 40 year old is another rarest edition matured in American White Oak Ex-bourbon barrels Gonzalez Byass Matsualem oloroso sherry butts and finally finished in first-fill bourbon barrels. Dalmore 45 years old is matured in American White Oak Ex-bourbon casks, port colheita pipes.

These all are delicious expressions with Tropical Fruits, Cinnamon, and Vanilla on the palate.

Ardbeg 19 Years old does not need any introduction, An Islay Distillery's production used peat and variety of unique bourbon and sherry casks giving a distinctive fruity and oaky characters Ardbeg 19 years old Traign bhan added another feather in the cap of limited edition category.

If you are looking for sweaty and spicy flavor then an iconic brand Glenrothes 50 years old limited edition single malt whiskey matured in Bourbon and sherry casks would be the best choice .

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