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Finest wines from Nashik an Indian Napa Valley.

Nashik, well known place for Agriculture and holy place , close to Mumbai 4 hours distance must visit place for the finest collection of wines in India have top 5 Red wines suited to Indian Palliate.

Cabernet Shiraz by Sula Vineyards

Cabernet shiraz offering by Sula Vineyards has become the predominant choice for Indian male and female as a every day drink and option to the health conscious people who want to avoid hard liquors. Cabernet Shiraz is made from the combination of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon Grape with 13.5% alcohol content. it is a smooth red wine with medium body balanced acidity and well goes with food barbeque meat tossed in cheese. the purple color of Cabernet Shiraz leaves you with an aroma of spicy and oaky with blue berries & black berries.

Brut Cuvee Sparkling Wine from Soma Vine Village

Sparkling wine is being popular among young male and female between the age group of 25-35. it is seen as a celebratory wine to raise a toast on occasions or gift some one in your family and friends. Soma vine village brings you the Brut Cuvee Sparkling wine among its finest collection of wines to suit every indian palette.

Bruit Cuvee is made of 100% Chenin Blanc with the spicy and fruity baked aroma, hints on roasted apples on the nose. Pear , Apricot on the palette. last but not the least. Bruit Cuvee for those who love aged wine as it is matured for at least 18 months on lees.

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