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We manage the entire Marketing Mix for both the Institutions and Off-Trade for existing and new brands. Craft brand promotion strategy, develop and oversee the online and offline marketing calendar and implement creative campaign constructs aligned with the same. Manage all integrated brand campaigns and activities including ideation, budgeting, coordination with agencies, vendors and internal stakeholders, implementation and post campaign analysis to promote new initiatives and maintain brand salience. Conduct regular competitive strategic analysis, consumer research, market segmentation, and consumer insight development to tailor marketing campaigns with a sales focus.  Continuously analyse sales data to rationalize product mix, craft innovative offer campaigns online and offline while maintaining desired margins, implement geography and outlet specific campaigns to achieve measurable marketing objectives.

Manage, leverage and grow digital platforms and tools such as loyalty programs, retail platform, social media to increase sales and customer acquisition and retention.

Plan and execute Food & Beverage space by BTL and Digital Marketing activities such as social media campaigns, digital advertising and promotions with 360-degree marketing right from consumer research to strategy to execution. managing E-commerce partners such as Amazon, Flipkart to update and market product listing and promote through the blogs.  create a marketing mix and tailored marketing activities across online and offline platforms synchronized with each other. Identify collaborations, cross promotions and new partnerships to grow brand.

Study, identify and target potential white spaces, international trends, new product ideas and developments in the Liquor and FMCG market as well as conduct market research for insights into new categories, and products.

Work on innovation projects along with your product development team from end to end - market research and origin to market readiness and launch activities for both the on trade and off-trade market place.

Design of Marketing collaterals, brand merchandise, improve digital assets such as company brand websites, blogs, content writing with branded and copyright content and images.

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