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Which food is best with the Red wine?

If you have a party and celebration at Home and want to serve wine, make sure to serve the right kind of matching food. That makes your party more enjoyable and cherish your taste buds. Food and wine pairing menu should be carefully designed by considering the balance between the weight of Food and the Weight so called “body” light, medium and Heavy of the wine being served.

The common sense and science work behind the Food and wine pairing menu. As Texture, Flavor, sugar, Alcohol, Acid & Tannins of the Wine goes with the Food pairing.

Local wine with the local food goes perfect. Try local wine produced in Nashik’s Soma Vine Village which has 24 varieties of wine from the locally sourced fruits.

Red wine most often goes well with Red flavored meat, spicy & rich creamy Mushrooms and white wines are considered to be a perfect fit with Fish and Chicken. Chardonnays are good to go with delicious fish and salmon or any kind of sea food deeply covered with sauce.

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