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Amrut tops the list in Home Grown Single Malt Category

Bartender Whisky Awards an international recognition does not need any introduction. Amrut Distilleries participated in Bartender Whisky Awards held in San Francisco in 2019. The organization had been led for 43 years by Neelakanta Rao Jagdale. By 2009, he had nearly single-handedly transformed a modest booze store on Bengaluru's Mysore Road, established in 1948, into a highly sought-after whisky establishment.

Amrut won a gold medal as the ‘World Whisky Producer of the Year’. The team behind Amrut, which was founded in 2001 by Neelakanta Rao, his son Rakshit, and Vikram Nikam, gave Indian craftsmanship a brand-new identity and helped it become as well-known as international Japanese and American whisky companies. The Scots, who are renowned around the world for their mastery of the whisky distilling process, never appreciated Indian whisky, thus the path was not simple. Indian whisky was referred to by the Europeans as "Indian Made Foreign Liquor," and they never permitted Indian firms to use the word whisky.

Neelakanta Rao decided that something must be done to put Indian whisky on the world map, and in 2001, he decided to create a homemade malt-based whisky that could go global. And today, Amrut distillery is reaching the global footprint. It was Shri Neelkanta Rao efforts and dedication that the brand could compete with Multinational brands and tops the list today and give them tough competition in the Indian.

Amrut Distilleries founder, managing director and executive director

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