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Best of East & west in a bottle blend of imported scotch malt whisky, bourbon and grain spirits.

Beam Suntory has created a blended whisky brand oaksmith and Oaksmith Gold come in two variants for the Indian market that combines Imported Scotch malt whisky, Bourbon & grain sprits, called Oak smith house of Beam Suntory revealed a blend of imported scotch malt whisky, Bourbon and grain spirits and aged for at least four years in American oak barrels. Oak smith intends to be global in aspiration and local in a taste profile truly international Indian whisky created by world renowned blender Shinji Fukuyo, chief blender, Suntory using traditional Japanese craftmanship, blended with the finest scotch malt whisky and American bourbons to make a whisky unique and authentic to Indian palate with rich on the nose, well balanced on the palate with a bright, smooth and long finish. The packaging wit very attractive making it 6 edges on the bottle with a tall neck

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