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Explore more about your favourite Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky!

Jack Daniel’s as a Top-selling American Tennessee Whisky Known to every whisky lover all over the world in Lynchburg by the Jack Daniel Distillery

What makes Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky different from the bourbon and rye whisky, because as one step ahead, its production taking place through a charcoal mellowing process while it still a moonshine or white lightning.

Thrice a week, staffers stack pallets of hard sugar maple soaked in raw, Un-aged whiskey. These get set on fire and burn until they’re nothing but pellet-sized pieces. Filtering the whiskey through charcoal gets rid of any impurities, creating a better tasting and smoother spirit

At the distillery Tour I found a huge piles of maple wood being burned on “ricks.” The wood falls into itself as it is burned, making charcoal. The whiskey is then filtered through it over a period of four days, then through white wool to remove any of the charcoal.

The best & the finest corn, rye and barley malt used to give it a distinctive character followed by the natural fermentation, distillation by using limestone iron free water from the cave spring running at a constant 56 * F beneath the distillery

The Whiskey to be eligible as Tennessee must be distilled in Tennessee with at least 51% corn and aged in new charcoal barrels and goes through the Lincoln country process filtering drop by drop for 10 to 12 days slowly through 10 feet firmly packed handcrafted sugar maple charcoal made from hard sugar makes it Tennessee whisky and smoother then other whisky in the world.

I have tried almost most of the brands of Jack Daniel’s Distillery. Every brand is different from the other in its taste and characters.

I want to mention a few more such as Jack Daniel’s Singe Barrel Select as the name suggests bottled from the single barrel in small batches. I have found Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select richer, sweeter, Vanilla and Caramel more oak and very complex in every way. More oaky as the Single Barrel Select remains in the cask to mature for a period of minimum 5 to 6 years . And each bottle is packed from the individual barrel to give different taste and color from the one another. It has won 2 Gold Medals at San Francisco 2020 World Spirits Competition. This must be neat on the ice.
Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey, 70 cl

I once tried Super premium expression Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whisky as the name indicates it being very smoother, richer, tastier and Gentle on the finish. Gentleman Jack undergoes a second charcoal mellowing to achieve exceptional smoothness and different fragrance profiles.

Gentleman Jack is the only world’s double mellowed whiskey. Inspired by the original gentleman distiller.

I found the mouth feel with maple syrup, fruity and vanilla profile with extra smooth finish.

Alcohol contains 40% with stunning bottle shape like a man standing with extra broad shoulder.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

The version of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire is ideal for those who love whisky to be bold character, richer and more spicy notes with cinnamon flavour adding warm toasted wood, roasted nuts to give you a kick, little sweeter with smooth finish on the palate. Good to go straight on the ice, if you profound spicy notes on the mouth. The packing is awesome and the best cinnamon liqueur based drink. So drink responsibly.

As a Jack Daniel’s lover. You must know a few interesting facts behind the Jack Daniel’s Distillery and the whiskey. We learned on the Distillery Tour.

The Oldest Registered Distillery in the US is based out in a Dry Town in Moore County, There is a store at the Jack Daniel distillery called the White Rabbit Salon. Even though Moore County is a dry county (not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages) the White Rabbit Saloon is allowed to sell specialty bottles. You can also get those bottles engraved just outside the store with a name and/or special message. They also have a sampling tour which will allow you to sample the different Jack Daniel’s products. You can buy a commemorative bottle of Jack here

Jack Daniel’s Real Name was Jasper Newton Daniel and the people called him Jack.

The day, he took born was a mystery as the record burnt in a fire but it was in September so the people celebrated his birthday entire month for 30 days. Isn’t it interesting?

He was a short in height for approx.5ft and 2 inches.

He was taught the process of making whisky by the former slave in the town of Tennessee.

Sintara Select was named after the famous musician was buried with a bottle of Jack, a pack of cigarettes, a lighter and 10 dimes. Who gave the Jack Daniel’s a name “ Nector of God” on the state while performing a show by taking a glass in hand. The musician Sintara was the first person who was neither a Jack Daniel’s employee nor his relative to have his name on a bottle.

Jack Daniel Never married as he wanted to live freely on his own but there are rumours that Jack had 6 girlfriend and the 7th was the whiskey which also counted as his Girlfriend whose name was given to Jack Daniel’s Old №7. Some say that the Barrels was ferried by a Train whose no was 7 and other say that he was a gambler and No,7 was his lucky number. So all rumours. Who knows the truth?

Jack Daniel’s died as he was short tempered, he once forgot the combination of his safe, which locked and could not be opened so he kicked the safe in anger and got his left toe hurt which later infected and developed in a Gangrene.

Jack Daniel’s employees based out locally from Lynchburg only.

Jack Daniel’s Whisky is made from naturally sourced water flowing from the cave spring at a steady temperature of 58* Fahrenheit.

An Un-insulated building is used for the raging of the Jack Daniel’s Whisky.

As In the summer, warm weather forces whiskey into the cracks in the wooden barrel and in the winter, it pushes it back out. This is how the whiskey gets it color and flavour. This happens for four years before the initial tasting. If it’s ready then, it’ll get bottled. If it’s not, it gets put back and tested at years five and six. The maximum time for maturation is eight years because after that, whiskey starts to lose its sweetness.

Jack Daniel’s has its own cooperage in the World making its own cask for the maturation of whiskey. Each cask is handcrafted with 33 staves of American white oak. Once built and assembled, the inside is charred to bring out the wood’s natural sugars. Which are caramelized by the fire and heat adding flavours to the whiskey while ageing. Once the ageing process is complete the barrels is not used again for the same maturation purpose for the next batch. Instead, it is recycled and used as planters, tables, chairs and other furniture. Whereas Others are used to flavour scotch, rye, Irish whiskey, rum, tequila and tobacco. Mash Bill is known as the recipe to produce Jack Daniel’s Whiskey which combines 80% corn, 12% Barley, and 8% Rye mixed with the yeast and mash from previous batch called sour mash and iron free water from the cave spring Hollow for the distillation purpose. It takes 6 days before single distilled in copper. After the 140* proof alcohol steeps through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal. And the left over mash is used for feeding the cow and other local pet animals with in 25 miles radius. That is all we come to know during my tour at the Distillery.

To own a barrel of Jack Daniel’s whiskey is going to be a pride & memorable moment for the Jack lovers for just $10000. Hand Selection of your own preferred whisky barrel and then back shipped to your local store in your area will indulge you forever is possible at the Jack Daniel’ s Distillery Lynchburg.

Wish you have a great Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tour!

Drink Responsibily !!

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