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Glen Grant release set the date for an online auction between 11th to 22nd September 2023

Speyside distillery-Glen Grant reveled exquisite masterpiece 7 exclusive bottles the Glen Grant Devotion 70 year’s old single malt.

The whisky is at a high strength 55.5% ABV matured in French Oak Butt Cask known to be a larger type of barrel -Oloroso Sherry filled in 1953 at Glen Grant Distillery. Especially hand-blown sculptural decanters have been designed to give an eye catching look to this limited edition release.

The release is a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II's 70 years of service and was inspired by her reign. This also displayed the loyalty and love brought together with the personal devotion of Her Majesty Queen. The Devotion 70-year-old is the ideal approach to honor her.

Decanter number one will call for an online auction between 11th to 22nd September 2023 and remaining decanters will be available for an auction tentatively in October 2023 in selected global market including UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, US China, and Japan. And the money collected from the sell will be donated to the Royal Scottish Forestry Society.

Matured in the Oak cask for seven decades made this whisky a deep dark color On the palate, there are flavors of dried fruits, raisins, sultanas, dry spices, and just a hint of wood. The color is a deep chestnut.

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