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Here is the reason. Why you should choose Amrut Amalgam Single Malt Whisky over other brands.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Whisky is for everyone but Amrut Amalgam Malt whisky for those who are aficionado about the Malt category specially made in India most sought after all brands available in India. because it is rare or of very good quality organically produced and matured in oak barrels for 3 years in Bengaluru India.

Amrut Amalgam is one among the successful brands from the house of Amrut comes in the pack size of 750 ml. with the price range for Rs. 4200 approx. depending on the state excise taxes and duties.
The finest malts from Scotland and Asia locally sourced all blended together to bring you the best and most loved Amrut Amalgam Single Malt Whiskey.
Nose: Floral and Fruity with notes of green apple and pear enveloping a mild citrus note under its belly. This is complemented by a further teasing of Turkish delights and almonds.
Taste: sweet and fruity with a very soft landing and transcending towards apple, sweet tamarind with a layer of spices; cinnamon and nutmeg
Finish: sweet ,spicy and Oakey leading to salivation.​
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