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How to taste whisky like a pro?

Whisky has wide range of aromas. Whether it is bourbon, rye or Tennessee have wide range of aromas, textures and smell. Which you can identify while sipping your favorite whisky. A few step before you drink your favorite whiskey will profound the impact of drinking.

Choose your glass.

First and foremost thing while sipping whisky. Choose the glass you enjoy the sip of your favorite whisky. If you want to drink neat whisky. You must choose shorter glass with heavy bottom ( tumbler ) to give you profound whisky flavor as it flows freely in the border glass. On the other side if you are a cocktail lover or want to add water or ice on it you can go for taller, slim and straight sided glass to give you the best cocktail experience and aromas straight on your nose.

Inhale the flavors.

Whisky and food have various flavors you can enjoy before sipping. Before you go for the whisky tasting. Do not eat any food have strong aroma something like coffee, tea, chocolate or any other most intense aromatic food which overlaps with your favorite whisky.

Once you pour your favorite whisky. Hold the glass by the bottom to give it a gentle swirl. Or You can also put your hands over the glass and give it a brief shake.

And then gently breathe into your mouth, close your lips, then breathe out slowly through your nose. This will likely feel a little awkward at first but it’s easy to get the hang of. Think about the fruits ,flavors or any bakery food products, earthy, woody, oaky or toasted, burnt anything you have come across previously in you life, and try to identify and resembles with the fragrance and flavor you find during the taste in your whisky. Sometime you will find similarity or other times you find it to be different you can’t remember or indifferent.

That adding just a few drops of water to your glass will deliver the best taste and you’ll have opened up the aromas even more.

Savior the Taste

Sip the whisky slowly with the focused inhalation. Note down the aromas coming out the glass. Allow the whisky to roll over your tongue and mouth. See what aromas you can recognize, it come and go very frequently, but you can always remember the most intense among all the flavors coming out of it.

Disclaimer **** drinking whisky is injurious to health. You must be legal drinking age in your country to read this article.

Drink responsibly***

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